February 2nd, 2009

America has been seeing loads of snow for a while now, and this morning I found this picture in my inbox from my friend David in the UK:

nightly snow in the UK

In London it’s even better (or worse, depending on your point of view) – enough snow to stop tubes, buses, trains and planes.

But.. what do we get here in Holland? Yup, nothing. Some half-hearted promises by the weather forecast people, but really, as you can see on this picture I took of the path behind my house, this was the best we got:

And it was gone in 2 hours as well 🙁

2 Responses to “Snow?”

  1. Andrew says:

    Well, look on the bright side there’s still enough there to bring travel chaos to London.

  2. Els says:

    How’s that the bright side? I want it here, in Holland – by the time I’m in the UK again (probably April) it will very likely all be gone… :\