The Snow, The Dragon And The Flame

April 7th, 2008

Yesterday the Olympic flame passed through London, and there were several festivities planned on different locations. The one I was most keen to see, was a mini-carnival at Ladbroke Grove, at 11am. I like the yearly Notting Hill Carnival in August, so why not have a taste of it in April, and get the tropical feeling going a bit already. Or that’s what I thought.

Sunday morning I looked out the window to see which turn the weather would have taken after an unexpectedly warm Friday and a drizzling Saturday, and much to my surprise, I saw that it was snowing! Everything was white, and the wind was blowing big snowflakes around the hotel. Quite a beautiful sight, but entirely unfitting for a carnival. Even if a very small version of it in April.

Here’s a couple of impressions of the day:

Tower of London

Tower of London with snow on the rooftops


ho ho ho, merry summer!
some left over snow

Ladbroke Grove

butterfly costume in snow
lion costume

One Response to “The Snow, The Dragon And The Flame”

  1. ryan says:

    Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    My friend lives in london and he says that having a sunny day is like striking the lottery.

    Don’t know if that’s true though. 🙂