It must be a boys’ thing…

August 25th, 2007

We’re camping, and it’s a hot day.

I just got back from buying the necessary groceries for the weekend, cycling about 5 kilometers, and am happy with the shade next to our tent so I can relax and read a book and not be bothered by the sun too much.

The kids deal with the heat in an entirely different manner; they decide that right now is the perfect time to test and build their stamina by setting out a track: 5 times around the tree, on the bench, over the table, off the other bench, twice around the sand pit, straight to the inflatable mini pool, ending the race by jumping in it.

I get tired just looking at them – is it a boys’ thing or am I getting old?

One Response to “It must be a boys’ thing…”

  1. Andrew says:

    As a member of the "species" I can definitely say it’s an age thing 🙂