Ice cream

June 28th, 2005

Yesterday was another hot day in Holland, so when the kids got home from school, I offered them some money to go buy ice cream. I imagine most kids would have been pleasantly surprised, and say thanks. Not my 6yo. He asked if he could buy M&M’s instead. Visions of melted chocolate all over clean children’s shirts popped up, so I said “no, better not – chocolate melts in this weather – better buy that some other time”.

For the past few weeks, this argument had been accepted as fact, and many ice creams were bought, instead of the much wanted M&M’s. Yesterday however, he thought twice, and caught the flaw in my reasoning: “Ice creams also melt in this weather!”

As you may have guessed, I let them have their M&M’s yesterday. No ice cream 🙂

2 Responses to “Ice cream”

  1. Peter says:

    shouldn’t M&M not be coded M&M

  2. Els says:

    Yes, it should – changed now 🙂