Easy Money

July 10th, 2007

Last month I was reading one of the feeds I’m subscribed to, followed a couple of links, and ended up on Jens Meiert’s site.

Jens has a goal – he wants to eliminate typos and grammatical errors from his site. He also has a plan; instead of waiting for people to point out the errors that escaped his attention out of the goodness of their hearts, he offers them money.

The deal is that you write an email to him pointing out what you think is wrong, and at the end of each month, whoever sent him the most real errors (obviously, Jens has to agree they are errors) receives a whopping 30 euros.

This sounded just too good to be true (or rather, too easy) but I decided to take my chances. Within 10 minutes of browsing his site, I happened to find two errors.

Earlier this week I received 30 actual euros in my PayPal account 🙂

Thanks Jens!

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